‘Irish in gaza’


Honest words from two Irish activists about their life in in Gaza.

Picture courtesy of Alan Lonergan

Picture courtesy of Alan Lonergan

Derek and Jenny   are  human rights activists, both originally from  Mayo, west coast of Ireland

”We lived in cyprus for 5 years and while there became part of the Free gaza Movement.  Derek was crew on the first boat in 41 years to enter Gaza International Port.  I ( jenny)   worked at that time on the land team.

The freegaza movement successfully sent 5 boats to Gaza up until “Operation cast lead” when the Israeli Navy began to forcefully and violenty block these ships.   The ships continued in an attempt to break the  Illegal blockade on the coastel enclave of Gaza.

Both of us were abord the MV Rachel Corrie , part of the first freedom flotilla, that was attacked in international waters , hijacked and forcefully taken to Israel before being detained and eventually deported back to Ireland. It was in this Flotilla that the Mavi Marmara was also attacked and 9 people were murdered.

The following year, we became part of  a Malaysian Organisation, Perdana Global Peace Foundation, headed by the 4th Prime minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathair Mohammed. We spent 10 months living and working on a project in Malaysia and in May of 2011 we sailed from Greece into Palestinian waters along with journalists and other members of P.G.P.F. We were attacked again in Palestinian waters by the Israeli Navy who opened fire on our ship.

We are now living in Gaza. We have many project’s lined up while we are here and will document each of these as well as other information from Gaza  regularly here on this blog as well as our face book page, FB: Jenny Graham. Irish in Gaza relies solely on donations from individuals to continue to work in solidarity with the people of Gaza and we thank you for your support”.

Please feel free to invite others to read and to subscribe, ( free of charge) to our blog. Your donations via the paypal button on the blog, ensures continued support for small organisations and projects in Gaza.

Thank you.

Derek and Jenny…

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